No More High Heels – Finally!

The trend has finally started. Yay! To get a respected trend setter to all the mindless zombies to come out publicly and say she can no longer wear heels are the words I’ve been waiting for so long.

I once wore heels day in and day out in the corporate world. My big toes felt jammed for a few years. I swore off high heels and never looked back. I will not sacrifice my health, to what, look for sexy to men I don’t want looking at me anyway or to compete with other chicks who are still mindless and sinfully vain?

If you pretend your an alien for a second and see men and other animals walking around, to witness women walking in spikes on their tippy toes just looks weird. Let’s be real, it looks weird.

I believe women should be more comfortable in their natural state. Forget the loads of makeup, forget the cinching girdles, forget all the jewelry and nail polish. Be comfortable in your own skin and release yourself from the pressure of looking sexy all the damn time.

Thank you Victoria Beckham, I’ve been waiting a decade for you and can’t wait for the legions of other mindless zombies to follow suit.

The Original Trend Setter


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