Women Atheletes Too Sexy?

Women who participate in athletics rock.

Women who feel free to be sexy rock too.

Women’s sports gets no love, with the exception of tennis, beach volleyball and maybe a few other sports.  But let’s be real.  The WNBA is laughable. Even though the US Women’s Soccer Team are grand champions, no one really notices.  Well, in the U.S., no one really notices soccer either.

I have to assume that female athletes deeply desire the same attention as their male counterparts.  They want to hear the roar of the crowd.

Women who feel they need to be sexy to garnish attention from others is lame.

Women who shame women either way need a life.

I am not here to judge, I can really go either way on this subject.

Sometimes I just wish, men were as sexualized in serious sport as women.  The fact they they are not, makes me lean toward women taking a stand to not be sexualized in order to get extra attention.

Are women sexualized in sports because otherwise no one would pay attention or are women free to be as sexy as they want on a public stage, even though men aren’t sexualized(or at least nearly as much)?


I normally have a strong opinion, but in this case, my strongest opinion seems to be not to judge.


Just my Oponion.


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