We Are Being Provoked Into a War With a Ghost


Ok, there’s been yet another terrorist attack.  And our primal reaction is to seek vengeance and get them to never do it again.  So, let’s get militarized, let’s put on our riot gear, let’s bust out billion dollar tanks and go get the bastards.

I think we are being provoked into a war with a ghost.  And that is exactly how the terrorists want us to react.

This is the life terrorists want us to live, we have the power choose otherwise.

But what if we react differently?  What if our leaders took us down a path of love instead of vengeance?  What if we collectively said a prayer for the lost souls of the terrorists and sang a song instead?  I’m no hippy dippy, but remembering what happened after September 11th WAS. NOT. THE. WAY. TO. GO!

Our knee jerk reaction was to invade a country we had no business invading.  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS were spent and THOUSANDS OF LIVES were sacrificed in the name of our primitive reaction.

We are more civilized than ever before in history.  There’s so much other stuff going on in this world that is good, why must we pay so much attention to the few bad guys.

Terrorism will always be around.  I suggest we embrace it with love rather than militarization.

Just my oponion.


One thought on “We Are Being Provoked Into a War With a Ghost

  1. I hate that there are people who don’t want to help the Syrian refugees because of these attacks. They are no different than those who didn’t want to help the German-Jewish population escaping the Nazis in WWII simply because they are of the same nationality of those slaughtering them.


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