No, No One is Cop Bashing

For the first time in history, the cops aren’t getting the high praise and accolades they’re used to getting.  And many are having internal seizures because of it.

Matt Rourke/AP

Philadelphia Police Commissioner said “I get a little sick and tired of all this cop-bashing.   I haven’t heard anybody talk about the criminal element that’s … causing all the harm out here. When you go and put a burglar alarm on your house and you apply to get a permit to carry, is it to protect yourself from the cops or from T-Bone and Boo Boo down the street?”

Let me bash this statement…It’s not cop bashing, it’s cop-critiquing. Because of cameras, it’s the first time in history in which bad cops can be held accountable for their violent behavior. The blue wall protecting all cops no matter what is no different than the Catholic church covering up their bad pedophile priests. All we are saying is that you can do better. We will not allow you to continue with the wretched status quo. Cops enforce the law, but they are not above it. The cameras only reveal that you’re a C- student, not the faux A+ student you pretended to be for so many decades. Buck up and correct it. And don’t you dare body-slam or shoot T-Bone or BooBoo! 

The criminal element we are talking about is the use of unwarranted excessive for by authoritative figures. Too many bad cops have literally gotten away with murder. No Ramsey, when a cop murders someone it is still a crime.

Fox News asks “Is there an epidemic of violence against police in America?

When I hear someone counter Black Lives Matter with Blue Lives Matter I shake my head.  I’ve gone so far to say that only racists completely miss the point with the BLM campaign.  Yes, indeed ALL LIVES MATTER.  But the point of the BLM message is that the numbers show that blacks are targeted by police and in too many instances then face unwarranted violence.

Some racists, go so far to call the BLM movement a HATE GROUP!  A fucking hate group!!!!!!!!!  THIS BLOWS MY MIND!

Throughout history, white people have been the largest most offensive hate group collectively.  It’s hard to admit, but it is true.  The U.S. shamelessly falls way behind even European countries on this aspect.  Way to get some skinny blond calling blacks who only want unwarranted violence against them to cease, a fucking hate group!  One day, whites will be the minority in this country.  Being that we now live in a global society, we are very very far from being a majority.  I hope people of color can be more forgiving than white people have been throughout history.

  • 1st the U.S. is the champ with the largest number of prisoners(over 2M) in the world, yet we account for only 5% of the world’s population.
  • 1 in every 31 adults is under some form of correctional control.  That’s about the average class size in school.
  • 1 in 6 blacks are incarcerated, if this trend continues, soon it will be 1 in 3!
  • Of the 2.3 million prisoners, 1 million are black!!!!!
  • Blacks are incarcerated 6x the rate of whites.  YET, make up barely 12% of the population. Hmmmm.
  • Five times as many whites report using illicit drugs, YET blacks are sent to prison TEN times as much!
  • Blacks serve nearly the same amount of time on a drug offense as a white does for a violent offense.  huh?!
  • About $70 BILLION are spent on prisons every year.  $70 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That figure above is only prisons, it does not include money for law enforcement or the judicial processes.  Which I would think would easily add up to a half a trillion dollars.  That’s my best uneducated guess.
  • On average 64 police officers are murdered in the line of dute every year, that’s less than 1% of the total number of officers.

I take a step back to Nancy Reagan and just say NO to her push for a war on drugs.  NO, I don’t want tax money going to prison or war, I want it going to schools, elderly and infrastructure!!!!!  Holy Bananas! This is not what Abraham Lincoln was trying to do when slavery ended.  It may sound like 1865 was a long time ago and racists will tell you that racism no longer exists, but we’ve got a long way to go yet before our founding fathers words about all men being equal in the pursuit of happiness comes into fruition.

There is no war on police.  There has been war against people of color since Europe took over this land.

Without cops we’d all have a much scarier lifestyle. Without cops, days like 9/11, would be more chaotic than it was. The policing culture needs reform, it may take time.  But to address the need for reform IS NOT COP BASHING.

Just my oponion.


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