NCAA Quickly Realizes They’re Assholes – Does About Face

USATSI_8852402_bknun28e_6djqdiozThis 20 year old slave, I mean football player for Louisiana State University under master, I mean, rule of the NCAA made history this past weekend.  Not only did he have a great game against the University South Carolina, he literally offered the shirt off his back to help flood victims in South Carolina from the recent storm system Jaoquin.151004170102-05-south-carolina-flooding-super-169

After the game, this big hearted gentle giant said he would auction off his jersey to the highest bidder and donate the proceeds to flood victims, because he knows the feeling oh too well from being a flood victim himself as a New Orleans resident.  Any human being’s heart would flood and admiration for this young man’s thoughts and actions would skyrocket and motivate.

But his master, I mean, the NCAA was not so motivated.  They instantly warned Fournette that he would be in violation of NCAA rules that slaves, I mean, players cannot make any financial gain on their plantation, I mean, within their non-profit educational organization.

YET…the NCAA already sells Fournette’s jersey, or rather, an LSU jersey with his number on it without his name on the back for $90 if not more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The NCAA literally makes BILLIONS and they wouldn’t let this poor young man to take the shirt off his back to benefit those who lost so much from the floods.  SHAME!  Never once does it strike anyone in the NCAA to take a fraction of 1% of their earnings to help those during these type of situations, never once!!!  The NCAA is heavily involved in South Carolina, wouldn’t it be in their interest, as a non-profit, to help those who live within their plantation who are in need???

So, then twitter blew the F up!

Then and only then, did the NCAA realize what assholes they are came back and said they gave their slave, I mean aspiring student-athlete permission to auction off his jersey with his own blood and sweat.

Leonard Fournette = Poor But Winning

And this is only DI, not DII or DIII !!!!!

NCAA = Assholes NCAAb

The amount of money the NCAA slave masters rake in as an un-patriotic tax cheating non-profit is beyond ridiculous and I’m really not sure why they aren’t investigated much like FIFA with their corruption scandal.  If the FBI, dug even just a little bit, I would bet that they would find some criminal activity definitely going on.  Most non-profits must be transparent and report their revenues/expenses, but if you look at the NCAA’s annual report it is practically shit thrown at a fan.

Your move FBI – your move.  Keep it up Mr. Fournette, job well done sir.

Just my oponion.


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