Boehner For President – I See What You’re Doing GOP


november_20_2000_1Ever since the GOP/Republican stole the presidency in 2000, karma has been getting back at them.  I try not to think what life would have been like in the early 2000’s if Al Gore was president…cause it’s too painful.  But forcing the puppet George Bush to sit in the seat of the leader of the free world, has only slowly ruined their standing in leading the free world.  Yes, they did take us into an unwarranted war and the private companies that supply war/violence efforts did make A LOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$, but they’ve been called out.  Very much like the protesters in Egypt gathered by using social media in recent years, the same has happened to the American public.  The internets was still very new in the early 2000s, but these days, it’s getting more and more difficult for the GOP machine to produce lies and fool people into submitting to their way of life and actions necessary to take to get these rich white men richer.john-mccain-sarah-_1107658cIt got so bad, the nation stunned the GOP by voting in a black man.  He won so bad, you couldn’t even steal the seat again, especially since you already used that card.  Enter in Sarah Palin to shine the light on the crazy of the GOP.  And staunch republicans were buying her game at first and that was scary.  But her coocoobird self came through revealing the cracks in the racist party’s armor.

With Obama’s 2nd term, the GOP offered up their sacrificial lamb aka their greatest loser, Mitt Romney(the most democratic republican out there, the true originator of Obamacare) knowing Obama couldn’t lose and they never want their true champion to take a loss.www.usnews.comSo the racist GOP did everything and I mean everything in their power to halt Obama in his tracks, just to merely make themselves feel better.  Instead of putting the country’s interests first, they only intended to make Obama look bad.  Only to say, see, that’s why you need a racist Republican, a black man took the great old U.S. of A down into flames.  But nope!  Barak ain’t got no time for that shit.  Besides, Bush already took us into the flames.  Go ahead Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for President, Boehner, be the face of that racist, non-working, anti-American group.  Barak is smarter than the largest group of racist white men and he found his way and pulled the country out of the depths of the Bush administration.  Everyone can say, we are better off today because of Barak Obama, not George Bush and that is their legacy.1035x871-R1242_NAT_GOP_ASo the Republican primary race for the 2016 presidency is underway.  And it’s a joke.  They’ve grabbed all the attention with Trump and his low class ways and we’re all very entertained, BUT, we’d never vote that doof in as president and the GOP knows it.  I’ve said this before, but I believe Trump was hired by the GOP to get people to pay attention to the Republican party and take attention away from Hillary.  I still don’t understand why Hillary is so damn popular, but that’s another blog post for another day.

The Republicans are using every play in the book to get Americans to believe in the Republican party and gain their favor.  Sadly, I believe the presidential campaigns of the future are going to look like Miley Cyrus vs. Ke$ha to get attention. Untitled

So the covergirl of the racist GOP, Boehner, the same guy who carried out the laziest congress in history, suddenly quit his job, giving notice that he’s done in a month.  So again, all attention is still focused on the Republicans, since the high of the first two debates of twenty is crashing hard.  Citing that Boehner is not able to unite the torn apart racist party, the real racist guys have put their stake in the ground and aren’t budging.  Wow, they want us to believe this narrative.  So then, the next obvious choices, some guy named McCarthy and another named Chaffetz are taken down by what they call some serious “gaffes”.  I call it fuck ups.  McCarthy revealed that the Bengazi committee, that utilizes tax payer money was only to make Hillary look bad, so he’s out and insta-dropped out of the running.  And Chaffetz, went up against the CEO of Planned Parenthood in a kangaroo courthouse and brought “the chart” seen around the world.  A 5th grader wouldn’t have made such an egregious error.  The chart was not only supplied by a anti-abortion group but it didn’t even have a Y-axis and the numbers didn’t even make sense.  It was almost as if he was set up to make the super conservative extremists look bad.  So, he’s out, even though he’s made the appearance as if he is in, but we all know that is a front.f68b1p26hbvqrlavg9xwSo, then, Paul Ryan.  Everybody is like yes, yes, yes.  Paul Ryan is all coy and like no, no, no, I’m a family man, although I have aims to run for President this job would just be too much for me and my family man ways. Ha! Laughable. So Paul Ryan is the guy who will be the next Racist Covergirl, that’s obvious.pic_related_2014_7_19_25_DAnd Boehner, isn’t going to retire off to some Myrtle Beach country club resort.  He will be running for PRESDIENT.  There I said it.

The conservative extremists will lost their strength hold, the Republican party will appear united and willing to work and Hillary will lose.

…although, before I call it, I’d like to see the continued momentum of Sanders.  He is speaking the message the people want to hear.  It’s unfortunate he is older(74), but his message game is strong and the other contestants should take notice.ait1213

-Just my oponion.


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