The Duggars – I can’t, I just can’t!

The Duggars are a non-issue to me.  Before their incest scandal broke out, I was already hating on them.  Like the Kardashians, I was “hiding” any story I saw come up on my feed that had any mention of the Duggars.  Side note: that feature on FB saying “hide this post, I want to see fewer of these stories”…doesn’t work.  These people keep coming back into my feed like cockroaches or water-bears.

It starts with the mother, Mrs. CooCooBird herself.  I’ve never seen someone addicted to having babies.  Have you seen her eyes when she would talk about having another baby?  I’m tired of my brain imagining what a vagina after 20 kids looks like.  I imagine that Mr. Duggar has to jerk it off in a cup and just pour it down her drain.  I’m tired of it.Michelle-

Then their militant style of raising a family.  Everybody has their “jurisdictions”. OMG!  In front of the camera, everyone knew to act nice.  But, can you imagine if one of those kiddies stepped out of line and acted up?!  If we saw one moment of their disciplinary practices, we might have viewed them in a much different light other than in awe.  Having perfectly behaved kids is weird & robotic.  It freaked me out and I really do think child services should monitor families with more than 10 kids, for reals.  I have to imagine it’s like a prison or a mental institution with that level of control.

Again, like the Kardashians, the Duggars kept popping in my news feed regularly.  And the only story was either the mother or one/more of the girls were having a baby or gave birth to a baby.  It was weird.  Does the public really need to hear how people who are mental about having babies are doing in their 2nd trimester???  It’s creepy.  baby

And the only reason why we watched is no different than a carnival show.  Kinda like how John & Kate had two kids then had 6 babies all at once.  How do they do it? How do they pay for it? What’s it like in their home? I get it.  I get why these people who have a choice to have so many kids need to prostitute the inside of their homes & children, how else would they cover expenses?  Local people’s good will can only go so far.  People stop donating as often especially after the kids are no longer babies.  I say if you can’t afford 8 kids, let alone 20 kids, then you shouldn’t have had those kids or maybe should consider adoption.  But that’s me.  duggars

I see Mrs. Duggar’s plan.  See in their church, it is ok/encouraged for a man to have multiple wives so he can plant his seed as often as possible to fulfill God’s greatest desire to be fruitful.  I’m not one to comment on people’s belief system, but the elders of this church need a new rule saying let’s not go to the extreme.  Have only the number of kids that you can handle, then use birth control.  Cause they took this be fruitful thing a bit off into the extreme.  But you see, Mrs. Duggar figured if she just kept having babies, her husband’s dick wouldn’t end up in some other crazy ladies vaj.  Crazy.  Now his dick will still end up in some other biotch because that taco must be super-sized double XL by now.  Just sayin’.

Finally, the Duggars no long appear in my newsfeed as often.  Now, I get to read about them when a scandal pops up.  Which, makes me wanna say, “I told you so.”  Unfortunately, the Kardashians are already so lowly, they’d only benefit from a scandal.  In fact, they likely would have engineered the scandal themselves.  The Kardashians are indeed the water-bear of entertainment news.  They are the earworm of television.anna-and-josh

Farewell Duggars, I’m glad to see you go.

Just my oponion.


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