Fear the Walking Dead – what walking dead?

We’re a few episodes into Fear the Walk Dead and I blame production for limiting what could be an amazing show.  There’s been more zombie action in a 30 second commercial for the Walking Dead than in the last few episodes of Fear the Walking Dead(still can’t get over the lazy naming strategy).

But, instead of heading to the desert to flee the very aggressive zombies, production decides to shoot the show on this one block somewhere in SoCal.  FTWD-105-Alicia-and-Chris

And I’m nearly at a point where I am not going to tune in.  And if it gets bad enough, I will remove it from my DVR so it no longer records.  Good news is that we’re just getting closer to Fear the Walking Dead which is coming in a few short weeks.  We like that show primarily because of the zombie action.  Fear the Walking Dead is a misleading tease.

A better AMC show that I believe just quietly finished its 5th season is Hell On Wheels.  This show should certainly be getting more attention than that Sons of Anarchy.  Just sayin….

Just my oponion.


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