Presidential Prediction – You Heard It Here First

In just over 1 year we will be voting for our new president.  Obama has been such a good caretaker bringing us out of the terrible Bush years, I was nervous.  But now that I see the contenders, there’s a glimmer of hope.

The Republican party is still trying Politics_Palin_316_480x360to recover from it’s Tea Party days.  The circus that has been dominating our news coverage over the last number of weeks is the GOP’s way of reestablishing the appearance that the party is on solid ground, that their one time darling, Palin, liquefied.  The fact that they are using Trump to gain attention shows me, the ground is still mushy.

Prediction 1: I fully believe Trump was hired by the Koch brothers to grab media attention away from Hillary and that he has zero intention of becoming president.  He will pull out by the end of summer 2016, if not by the time of the primaries.

Currently, Trump is ahead in the Trump_Carson_Fiorina_outsidersstupid polls that for the most part, are meaningless.  The black surgeon, Ben Carson and white female Carly Fiorina have picked up and are not far behind Trump.  The other contenders are far behind.

Prediction 2: Since the black man and woman stand a chance of being nominated, I predict the Koch brothers have picked their biggest loser.  Kind of like the last election against Obama.  The Republicans really weren’t running against Obama, they were well aware that he’d be reelected.  So they sent their biggest loser Mitt Romney, the most democrat republican on their ticket.  BTW, we can all thank Romney for Obamacare, since his state set the precedent.

Prediction 3: I think we all can predict PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 21:  Hillary Clinton attends the 2013 Greenbuild Conference November 21, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Bill McCay/WireImage)that Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s demise will be because of her email scandal, among other things.  And I wouldn’t put it passed her to run again in 4 years…but I predict this will be the end of her trying to be president.

Prediction 4: FEEL THE BERN!  I predict Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be the democratic ticket to win it all.   Cue: Hope and excitement, to continue the legacy of Obama.CMHyLO7WUAAE2DI

Bush had such a terrible presidency, I’m koch-brothers-2_thumbstill shocked the country voted him in for a 2nd term.  And the Republicans are still trying to bring their KKK & Faux-Christian extremist values into modern times. To which the democrats are thriving by speaking to the masses rather than the Koch brothers.

You heard it here first.  Pretty soon, we’ll be saying Thanks Obama and Thanks Sanders.sgLBh

Just my predictionion.


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