Key & Peele – The Last Unfunny Season

I said it.  This latest season of Key & Peele was overall…not

It was as if they had their foot out the door in season 4 and agreed to do one more season for contractual purposes/money.

Episode 1:

football players get too pumped up and take it to the extreme, mehhh.key-peele-comedy-central-pirate-feminism-w724

anger translator Luther meets his female counterpart, ok this joke has come full circle

pirates singing how to respectfully treat women, more production than funny

Episode 2:

a guy won’t fasten his seat belt on an airplane, this sketch felt like it was the whole episode

old British explorers go back & forth over their discoveries, zzz zzz zzz

a double date out to dinner where nothing can be discussed without doing a “spoiler alert”, again took way too long, I needed the pedal to hit the metal

Episode 3:kp3

two black capella singers compete to be the black guys in a white group, awkward

two aspiring terrorists have a food truck front that actually becomes a successful business, this not terribly funny, but a great political point

Episode 4:kp_415

two singers in a choir fight over who should sing a pitch, didn’t get it

a barbarian warrior tries to maintain a tough image, again took too long for this sketch

an inmate who regularly tricks the prison guard to allow him to escape, huh?

Episode 5:

a senator(Anthony Weiner) tries to squash his sexting scandal while dick picks are sent out during the press conference, ok I get it, but no big laughs herekp_416_killer_concept_album

an officer interrogates a well known rapper who’s lyrics seem to describe murder scenes exactly, but is pawned off as art, heeheehe? mehh

Episode 6:key-and-peele-season-4

The two movie loving valets share their love over Val Kilmer, it was good with Liam Nielson, now it’s a stretch

Episode 7:

MC Mom, stiff socks, ha ha…why don’t we see how Amy Schumer is doing her relevant comedy

Big Boi runs into Andre 3,000 at a coffee shop, now this was kinda cute, but I bet a large number of the younger audience was like who are these two supposed to be?

Episode 8:

Recreation of the creative meeting discussed plans for Gremlims 2…Gremlins 2??? This is all you got K&P, are you even trying anymore?  Is there anything more current?

Two gangsters are concerned their friend ratted them out, not really funny content here

A man joins a conversation about world politics of which he knows nothing of the subject and starts talking Jumani instead to interject, coulda been shorter and had some alternate ending

Episode 9:

Neil Tyson DeGrasse starts talking his space universe talk to get out of his mundane home/house responsibilities: now this was a cute concept & relevant

A clothing tailor has to keep working even though his client is farting…fart jokes huh?  what are we 12?  And I love a good fart joke.

Those valets discuss their love for the Game of Thrones, seen it before, nothing funny here, move along.

Episode 10:

Meegan & Andre have a break up conversation that leads them to not break up, these two characters should have died out a long time ago.

A famous rapper tries to walk out of an interview and has difficulty getting the mic off and ends up undressed and knocks himself out on the overhead mic, I actually giggled on this one, I actually giggled people!

Airline passenger gets bumped up a class of seats, this character was not funny at all!

A man plays as if he is not a Nazi and his friend ends up calling him a Nazi, this is a stretch boys.

Episode 11:

The musician that created the soundtrack to Ghostbusters releases his greatest hits that were never accepted for other movies, this was sort of cute, but again we’re unnecessarily back in the 80s, even though I am an 80s kid, not so relevant here.

A man can’t stop saying deez nuts on your chin joke, even after he learns his parents are in a terrible accident, mehhhh.

A man calls 911 for a woman fainting who happens to be the woman of his dreams so he faints, then she wakes up and thinks this is the man of her dreams and the 911 operator instructs her to marry him, wait, what?! terrible concept to bring to actual tv

Finally…and I mean finally….and sort of relevant, a Negrotown is created when a black guy is getting arrested for no reason and get knocked unconscious and Negrotown is where you can get a cab all day and approved on loans and not arrested for no good reason.  Relevant yes.  Funny? nope.

Farewell Key & Peele, you two were hot then you were not.  Your comedy got too big and I’m sure the pressure to create 11 episodes in a tight time frame doesn’t beget funny, as seen here is your last season.  I hope you can create your own comedy on your own time frame and make just as much money.

But you were out the door this last season, admit it.  And now, back to Amy Schumer.amy

Just my oponion.


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