Stephen Colbert’s Late Show – hohum zzz seen it b4

stephen-colbert-late-showAlthough it was the premiere, Stephen Colbert’s Late Show was something I’ve seen before.

Yes, he’s a great talent.  But, he’s not great enough to convince the CBS executives that the late night talk show not only needed a new host, BUT A NEW FORMAT.


He’s got his monologue, the band, the desk and the guests.  Am I living in a groundhog day?  Aren’t we more innovative?  Did you ask the millennials what they thought?

The show just started and I’m over it.  I should have kept my expectations lower, because I LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT and I was thoroughly disappointed.

Oh well, Trevor Noah is on in a couple weeks, hope he turns out better.

Sorry Mr. Colbert, this counts as a loss.  Better bring your character back.

Just my oponion.


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