Drones – New Tech, Old Lawmaking System

Do we have to wait for something REALLY bad to happen?Drone-Scenario

Drones are now widely available to the public to purchase and fly as they please.  There are some initial laws that have been put in place, but it is nothing for what will likely be needed.  Privacy ended a long time ago, but now unwarranted eyes can be watching when and where you least expect it.  Forget privacy, some drone can crash land on your head by some 12yr old or let alone some idiot 48yr old.

131213_ Drone flying in Brooklyn,  NY, NY, Exclusive for Sunday, J.C. RIce

In September 2013, a man was arrested for crashing his drone into a couple skyscrapers in NYC and his drone crashed a few feet away from pedestrians.  In April 2014, this guy hindered rescue efforts by flying his drone over a traffic accident, prohibiting a rescue helicopter from landing.  In July 2014, two guys were arrested for flying close to the George Washington Bridge and nearly hitting a police helicopter.  May 2015 a man was arrested for attempting to fly his drone over the White House.  Just a few days ago, September 2015, a dumb ass male teacher crashed his drone during a match of the US Open.

Come on people(I really mean boys & men) the U.S. is still shaken from the September 11th attacks.  Going by a bridge in NYC or the White House or a large sporting event IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  I repeat:  IT’S NOT A GOOD FUCKING IDEA YOU IDIOTS!  Just because there’s a new toy, doesn’t mean you can play with it anywhere, where ever you please.  Just think of the worst case scenario before you decide to fly a drone somewhere besides an open field.

Right now, only in California, drone pilots are prohibited from taking pictures/video of someone if they had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

New York City has designated flying areas.  If you fly near people & buildings you could get a reckless endangerment charge.

In Alabama, Tennessee & Pennsylvania, drones can’t bother hunters, where as, in Colorado, drones can’t be used to help hunters.

Connecticut & Wisconsin says you can’t turn a drone into a weapon, by putting a gun on it and the such.

Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas have laws saying you can’t conduct surveillance on private property without consent.  No, means no.

North Carolina put the law down prohibiting any drone pilot from interfering with manned aircraft operations, putting a weapon on the drone, taking pictures or conducting surveillance on ANYONE and publishing photos/videos without consent unless it’s a news worthy event.

The FAA has set up some guidelines about recreational drone flying:

  • stay under 400ft
  • be able to see your drone at all times
  • stay away from all aircraft
  • don’t fly drones under the influence
  • stay at least 25ft away from vulnerable people/property
  • do not conduct surveillance or take photos of people without consent
  • do not fly over places that make us nervous: power stations, government facilities, prisons, water treatment facilities and busy roadways

It would be nice if everyone took these rules into consideration, but apparently they are NOT.  Maybe we need a national license to fly a drone in specific areas.  It would seem like a majority of people don’t like the idea of their privacy shrinking any further or their safety put into danger for recreational purposes.

Would you want your neighbor taking video of you and then crashing their drone into the back of your head?  I wouldn’t.


Just my oponion.


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