The Strain – A Quick Review…Ok, Maybe Not So Quick


Have you seen The Strain on FX?

It had potential, but…the writing.  The damn lazy writing.

So the hispanic guy,  “Gus” Elizalde, was connected to everybody.  He was dealing with the master monster’s right hand man and not only did his brother steal from the old guy, Abraham Setrakian, Gus also ran into Zach Goodweather, the main character’s son.  I mean, come on, really?

dutchAlso, another lazy writing coinkydink is the chick who was hired by the main bad guy, Eldritch Palmer to shut down the internet, who btw is wayyyyyy to hot for her role, happen to also run into the main characters trying to fight off this “plague”. I mean come on.Eight million people in NYC and 2 characters are going to run into a bunch of the other main characters???  Let’s be real, you’re stretching it way passed logical.  And yo, she’s way too hot to be the best hacker in the world, wayyyy tooooo hottttt!

Did you know…the rat inspection vikings3.2.7guy(Kevin Durand), was also a crazy character in the Vikings?  Kinda liking him, he’s done well in this series.

rudyI can’t believe “Rudy” played a sort of bad guy that you kinda can’t hate, well, because he’s Rudy!

There was a scene in which the main character’s wife, Kelly Goodweather, was at work in her classroom after the outbreak.  She had a handful of students in her class.  Another teacher came in surprised she was there.  After they chatted, Kelly bounced.  She just grabbed her things, didn’t say anything to the students and left the other teacher there.  That wouldn’t happen.  Come on writers, you can do better.

There was this one episode that just was fucked up.  And I don’t mean in the sense that it was startling, like the scene in American History X with the guy’s teeth clanking the edge of the sidewalk.  Fucked up as it is was poorly, poorly written, as if the writers just needed to waste time in an episode b/c they were contracted to write so many episodes and were under the gun.  So…the main character, annoyingly called “Ef”, just reunited with his son after the outbreak.  They return to their house and come across one of these zombie vampires and kill it.  But the body needs to be destroyed b/c it’s like Ebola and will keep spreading the virus even after the host dies.  With previous zombie vampires they just burned it and took off.  But in this case, Ef tells this group of people he just met to take his son back to their home base, so he and his girlfriend can dispose of the body. Huh? What?  No parent would do that. And why not just burn the house down like they did previously???  It doesn’t make sense, except for the writers, b/c this then opens up two situations to allow for more filler dialogue.  Ef and his girlfriend wrap the body up and then set it on fire, talking the whole time.  And the group, decide to make an unnecessary pit stop in which the hot hacker chick and viking rat killer guy to chat and then even Ef’s son and the old guy to chat.  Chat, chat, chat, it’s lazier and easier to chat than to create an action scene and actually produce something of interest.  I fast forwarded a lot here.

Ok, so there’s a handful of zombie vampires that are not connected to the main monster and in fact they rebel and are trying to get rid of him.  So, they decide to pick the hispanic guy, Gus, as their main human warrior and train him.  This guy portrayed a thug gone good with no real training what so ever.  Why not pick the Navy Seal guys or some karate champion???  This was just stupid to watch him getting trained.

Did anyone notice that the main monster guy looks like if Voldermort and Pennywise had a baby?


Ok, so the main characters are deep in the depths of the subway system, I mean deep, as they are tracking down the main monster to kill him.  They come across his ornate coffin home of a box and see the monster.  The monster escapes and the old man is sooooo pissed, he looks over to his right and there’s a sledgehammer.  In the depths of the subway system with nothing else around, there’s a perfect tool to destroy the monster’s coffin box thing.  Dear writers, stop it! OMG.

In the finale of season 1, the main characters have the main monster cornered.  Since sunlight is bad for him, the old guy grabs him and they fly out of the window onto a rooftop.  Rather than seize the moment and chop of his head with the handy sword that has been around all season, they stare and watch the monster instead.  Then the monster runs away.  Looks like a season 2 was approved. uggghh.  Lame, very lame finale.

Ok, now for season 2.  Has anyone noticed that they switched sons?



Again, there was an opportunity to kill the main monster guy and lo and behold, he gets away.

Oh, they introduce a new character.  He was once a gladitor who was so good because he was a mix breed of this zombie vampire and human.  So where has he been?  A whole season went by and he was where?

Random sex scenes: So we’ve seen Ef and his girlfriend/co-worker has sex at an inappropriate time.  We’ve seen the hot hacker and rat killer viking have sex at a random YMCA pool, why they went there is beyond me.  And when Ef went down to DC to get political/military support for his potion that killed the zombie vampires he banged a lobbyist, even though he wanted to be with his wife and was having a relationship with his girlfriend.  Here’s the conversation at a writers meeting: Hey guys, it’s been a while since we showed some characters having sex, let’s throw a scene in here.  Hey, that’s a great idea.     uggghhhhh!

So the hispanic guy, Gus, keeps going to this random Indian restaurant, where of course there’s a pretty girl.  A spanish guy works there and of course, I think it will reveal that this spanish guy who was once a famous wrestler and actor, actually came across the main monster and knows how to fight him.  That’s just a guess, but by all the people Gus keeps randomly meeting, I wouldn’t be surprised if I am right.  At this point, we’ve yet to learn about this wrestler guy.

Ef’s wife, who has since become a zombie vampire, was chosen by the main monster guy to lure Ef and his group.  And because this “strain” causes those who turned to go back and hunt for their loved ones, which is a stupid concept in itself.  But, the main monster allows her to look and sound human again and arm her with turned blind children who have heightened senses and can climb walls.  All in an effort to get Ef and his group???!!  Come on, this is ridiculous!  I like the spider children idea, but everything else is wackado.

At this time, there are actually 5 more episodes and I don’t think I can continue.  There’s so much better stuff out there.  I can fall back on my Penny Dreadful or get into the Netflix Narcos show which is pretty darn good.

Sorry, The Strain, you’re writers failed you.  This is what happens when the big bosses of a network put the squeeze on to produce something for cheap and in a short amount of time.  All that gets squeezed out is crap.

Just my oponion.


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