Kim Davis – This is What the Anti-Christ Looks Like

kim-davis-Do you know why billions upon billions of people over a 2015 year spread loved this Jesus guy?  Cause he loved everybody, even those who hated him enough to be violent against him.

Kim Davis, you’re doing it wrong.  It’s what would Jesus do, not what would your extremist pastor tell you to do.

Kim Davis, you had one job.  You had one job to hand out marriage licenses and you can’t even do that.

Kim Davis, you live in a glass house and shooting rocks out of a machine gun.  You can, but shouldn’t claim, under God’s authority you can’t allow to people who love each other to legally get married, WHEN, you yourself already destroyed the sanctity of marriage.

This is such a non-story.  If I didn’t do my job, I wouldn’t be allowed back into the office.  I don’t know why we’re even discussing this story or why I feel compelled to log this into my blog of oponions.

Kim Davis you’re an uneducated fool that has been manipulated by the devil.

Just my oponion.


One thought on “Kim Davis – This is What the Anti-Christ Looks Like

  1. Kim Davis should’ve been terminated from her job. Times are changing, the law is changing. And if she’s not going to cooperate with the changing times and the law, she should not be in the position she’s in.


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