Pope Forgives Pedophiles, Not Women Who Chose Abortion

We all can see Pope Francis doing his damnedest to reform the church to bring back it’s parishioners.  But he can’t reform too much, for he’ll get too much internal flack and possibly get voted out like the shortest standing Pope Benedict. Be real, he got voted out, no one leaves a life time job after a few years. No one.pope

So Pope Francis has to do a dance.  His latest dance is all upside down and has probably done more damage by bringing up a Catholic rule that many likely did not know about.  On his Sunday service, he said for a limited time women who have had abortions can be forgiven by their priest.

Women who’ve had to make the choice to have an abortion would normally get excommunicated.

These woman would NOT be forgiven of their sins, as Jesus would have done.  A senior Catholic official would have to do the forgiving and that’s not common.  So, I have to assume that left all these women to keep their mouth shut, as they quietly pray for God’s forgiveness instead and maybe eventually stopped going to church as often and not handing in their extra cash that pays for the lawyers that defend the pedophiles.

If you forgive murderers, how is it that women that had an abortion get excommunicated???

I would have to assume that deciding to go through an abortion is likely one of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make.  I have to assume that it is traumatic and emotionally draining.  I would have to assume that is exactly when a woman needs some spiritual uplifting.  I make no assumptions that the Catholic church’s leadership has their patriarchal priorities way out of order.

Catholic leaders still don’t understand how to stop losing parishioners.

  1. Publicly address the pedophiles as criminals and treat them as such
  2. Women should take on leadership roles on a priest level
  3. Forgive all sinners, welcome all sinners like Jesus did

If you don’t welcome all sinners like Jesus did, how can you call yourself Christian?  How can you celebrate Jesus’ birthday?  How can you celebrate his rise from death?

The Catholic Church has created it’s own rules over the years.  These rules just get piled on top of each other, enough to block the view from how Jesus walked.  Align yourself with the son of God you celebrate and maybe you can get your paying guests to return.

Catholic parishioners are educated.  They have learned that the pomp & St.-Andrews1circumstance of the church has forced it to lose it’s way.  To cover up pedophiles, to forgive murderers, to build extravagant churches with $20M worth of artwork when people still go hungry is opposite of what Jesus would do. People stopped believing every word a priest said saying the church and the priest are the only ways to communicate with God.  Well, the people call bullshit.  Our homes are our churches.  Our daily activities are more aligned with Jesus than the Catholic church has been in decades if not centuries.  The people will put their money toward other efforts that are going to help the needy, not pay for pedophiles’ cover-ups.

I forgive you Catholic Church, you’ve lost your ways and I pray you can find your way back.

The Catholic Church is now synonymous wbcwith abortion as the Westboro Baptist Church is with hate.  There is so much good out there, the Catholic church needs to step away from their hard stance on abortion.

Just my oponion.


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