Why Lawmakers Stop at Gun Laws?

flower-gun How many more shootings must take place before our elected lawmakers take action?

How many more? 1?   5?   33,278??

An overwhelming number of voters want a basic background check? So, why is Congress NOT doing what the majority wants?

Gallup took a poll asking “Last week the U.S. Senate voted on, but did not pass, a measure to expand background checks for gun purchases.  Do you think the  Senate should or should not have passed the measure to expand background checks for gun purchases?”

Guess the percentage of how many said YES THEY SHOULD HAVE PASSED the measure to EXPAND BACKGROUND CHECKS??? Guess.


They asked “Suppose that on election day you could vote on key issues as well as candidates, would you vote for or against…”

“Require background checks on ALL gun purchases”———>over 80% said YES.

There’s something wrong here.  The way our government works is for those elected into office to represent the desires of the American votes.  That is not happening.  Either our system is broken or as a whole, we feel we are unable to do anything about our representatives acting in favor of the gun manufacturers.

The majority of us were trained to fully believe in the 2nd amendment and do feel it is our right to protect ourselves against foreign invaders.  BUT, the majority of us do realize there are mentally unstable citizens out there and that these citizens should NOT have the ability to purchase guns.

The U.S. government itself is an experiment, that is still working itself out.  So, why not run an experiment and see if a basic background check before a gun is sold helps reduce the crazy amount of shootings we have.

There have been 8,512 deaths by guns in 2015 so far and it’s not even September.  There have been 221 Mass Shootings so far, that means 221 times four or more people were shot at likely by a mentally unstable citizen.  As of August 26, 2015 there have been 33,728 gun shooting incidents. (www.gunviolencearchive.org)

Thirty three thousand seven hundred and twenty eight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gun-control-01Maybe it should be considered criminal for lawmakers to not act upon the majority.  But ha!  Lawmakers wouldn’t make laws against themselves or the hand that feeds them millions of dollars to keep gun laws at a minimal.

Some country, maybe our experiment is failing.  Maybe the redcoats should come back and take over again.

Just my oponion.


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