Rick Roll’d – The Inexplicable Phenomena

This past week the Foo Fighters had a concert performance.  And for some reason the Westboro Baptist Church was protesting outside the venue.  Apparently, the church members did not like a video the band created which spoofed southern foo fighterswhite men who are truckers  at a truck stop with showers. Since then, the two groups have been mildly butting heads.  So, before the concert, the Foo Fighters hopped on a pickup truck blasting the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Roll, holding a sign You Got Rick Roll’d!

The phenomena of Rick Roll’s video Never Gonna Give You Up is inexpiable.

The idea of Rick Roll could have died back in the 80s.  But for some reason it was randomly plucked from that time and ushered 40 years ahead to the days of the early internets.

Today, it has taken on an entirely new life and meaning.  “You just got Rick Roll’d”.  An online sensation that is originally was bait & switch, in which you get users to click a link expecting to watch one thing and then Rick Roll’s video starts playing.  Or out of a class room when someone is giving a PowerPoint presentation.  In the midst of their presentation, when they click, instead of getting the next slide they will get the Never Gonna Give You Up video instead.  To prank the presenter or those in the audience.

The Foo Fighters creatively brought it to a new level…live.

Here’s to you Rick Roll, for Never Gonna Go Away!  homer-simpson-doh

The Westboro Baptist Church are extremists and are their own worst enemy.  Rather than spreading the message of God’s love, they are known for their hate.  But they’re a whole other blog post.

Click this link to see more information about the Westboro Baptist Church.

Just my oponion.


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