Sons of Anarchy – Highly Overrated

A quick review of Sons of Anarchytable_zpsb2a3c499

Anarchy: is the condition of a society, entity, group of persons or single person which does not recognize authority.

Yet…the biker gang had a hierarchy of leadership, laws & bi-laws, wore the soa-jax-kills-gemmasame  type of uniform, a bunch of jewelry and often voted on stupid shit.  They certainly recognized authority and beholden to their rules no matter how stupid.

They were more like the Sons of Uneducated Tools.

I almost didn’t get through the first season, the only reason why I kept watching was because everyone said it was a GREAT series.  In the first season, Jax Teller was the worst actor, I mean he’s cute, but the WORST actor.  It was difficult to watch.  I will say he improved in the following seasons.  Secondly, I found myself saying often “that’s stupid, that would never happen”.  Again, as the seasons progressed I said it less and less, but there were times I just wanted to drop the show.

Do you know that Jax Teller in real life is BRITISH?  I mean they had a Scottish/Irish guy, why couldn’t Jax be British?

Besides showing the inner-workings of a stupid biker gang, a bunch of wanna-bes that dress alike, this show drew people in with the brutal scenes of violence, in which in many cases on the show were not justified.

Sons of Anarchy was a man’s soap opera and nothing more.  I practically wanted to fast forward all the slow talk to get to the stupid parts where the music kicked in and they all hopped on their bikes to speed off to somewhere.sons-of-anarchy-2

Overall, I’d give this series a C.  It was not addicting.  I did not rush to go watch the next episode.  And if I was to see them back up on their bikes to park once more, I think I’d barf or have a seizure at least.

Just my oponion.


One thought on “Sons of Anarchy – Highly Overrated

  1. I couldn’t get into this show, no matter how good people said it was, because I couldn’t get past the prettiness of the actors. These are some exceptionally attractive and clean looking people and I know far too much about Biker culture, (from reading true crime books), to have believed those lovely looking people were outlaw motorcyclists. It just wasn’t happening.


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