Why Ashley Madison, Why?

Cheating Fail.ashley

So, Ashley Madison advertises as “the online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.”

Isn’t that what all the other dating sites are for?  Am I naive? On Okcupid/POF, you can say your married.  There are plenty of people that post pictures without their faces.

People actually put their trust into this website and provided their names/pictures assuming 100% privacy.  Well, privacy does not exist anymore, not even online.  You believe the people that work at Ashley Madison aren’t looking at your profile and seeing your interactions with people?  Did you assume that their business policies would never change or never get sold to another company or GET HACKED to have all the data published??? lol, dumb-asses.

How has it come that our society, so hell bent on getting married or being in romantic monogamous relationships ends up creating a demand for such a site?  groom-butt-pinch

Even with 50/50 chance of marriages surviving, we all run full speed down the isle. Why?  Even when a marriage is going bad, why not get out before cheating?

Am I asking to many questions?  I’m so confused.

I personally, would rather be in a few lengthy exclusive relationships than be in a marriage which had me turning to a website designed for cheating.  Unless I come across someone that makes us two peas in a pod, I’m not just going to get married for marriage sake or for the next logical step in the relationship.  There are too many instances where things go terribly, terribly wrong.  I’d rather be single than go through a miserable divorce.  Let’s be real, people who say they had an amicable split are fooling no one.  Even if you date someone for a few months, breaking up is always difficult.  I have a rule, if I’m in relationship and things are going so bad that I want to cheat, then either I go head to head with the issues making me want to cheat or I get out.  Yet, our society is so hung up on this ideal marriage business.

I understand, with regards to kids it can get a little difficult.  But that’s no reason to get married either.  You’re setting yourself up for failure with your kids as witnesses.  Having step parents and multiple grandparents can get a bit convoluted trying to figure out who has Christmas with what family.

Imagine a discreet encounter turning out a pregnancy.  Ha!  I would have to bet that has happened.  And isn’t that a story to tell the kid when they get older?

In my oponion, we shouldn’t rush into getting married, we should be easy and be honest with each other.  If two people like/respect each other enough then they won’t cheat.  A man can’t go 30 days without sex(let’s be real), I have to believe most of the relationships out there are based on a man having regular access to vagina.  Some society in the great past came up with the concept of marriage and now our society came up with Ashley Madison.  Way to go society, we flubbed up a decent idea because of our human-monkey nature.

Just my oponion.


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