Build a Wall??? That’s the Best Idea You Got?

It’s laughable to hear an educated man with the mic of America in his hands saying things like:

“there must be a wall across the southern border”

“Mexico will pay for the wall because I say so”

For some people to think this reflects sound leadership and represents the voice of immigrant-based America is ludicrous at it’s best.  Leadership brings people together to solve serious issues.  The issue of immigration has been largely ignored by all of the recent administrations.  If this issue was addressed back in 1970 or 1980 or 1990, we may not be at this feverish boiling point to which people are calling for a wall.

Do you see China’s wall crumbling because of it’s expense to maintain it?Great-wall-of-china

Did you see the type of inhumane scenario the Berlin Wall created?Berlin-Wall-

Germans celebrating the removal of the Berlin Wall

Rather than address the legal issues, Trump wants to spend money on building a wall for the US to forever maintain.  Who is going to monitor it?  Will some other crazy administration put in shoot to kill order for people trying to get over this wall?  We can’t even maintain our highways and infrastructure, what makes you think we could keep this wall from crumbling.

Interstate 35W bridge, which spanned the Mississippi River, collapsed during rush hour on August 1, 2007
Interstate 35W bridge, collapsed 08/01/07
Amtrak derailment, 5/12/15

The issue is we do not have a system in place for people to easily become residents or citizens, forcing them to remain in a non-legal status.  Then, we do not have an efficient system in place to deport people.  It’s all just been ignored, so now we have a very large group of people, the majority of which, have worked peacefully(avoiding law enforcement agents at all costs), well beneath minimum wage, who would like to have a higher paying job and likely would like to participate in this country via taxes and voting.

The scariest thing about this wall is potentially seeing sights like this…


We are a nation of immigrants, yes, things will change, the majority will change.  But, imagine if someone was here to prevent our grandparents access to the land of the free???


Come on big leaders of the US…you can do better than that.

Just my oponion.


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