We are CENSORED more than CUBA!!!

Why do I feel like I am the only one who leads this kind of lifestyle?  I grew up with a cynical father, but even he falls for savvy marketing & hidden messaging at times.  A cynicist is not the same as a conspiracy theorists, although maybe some roads do appear to run near each other.

Back in 1983, there were FIFTY, media companies competing for your attention and spreading their own flavor of messaging and ideals.  Life was good then.

Today, there are only SIX.  And it’s not just media companies, but mega-conglomerates.

media-infographic b

There are 320+ million viewpoints in the free speech democracy of the great United States of ‘Murica that are funneled down into 6 viewpoints with mass communications.  Free market my ass. (See infographic)

I’ve always wondered what is the point of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).  One look at their website with their broad marketing speak, I don’t think they know what they do.  But allegedly, it regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.  The FCC is the primary authority for communications law, regulation and technological innovation.  They say their primary objective is promoting competition, innovation and investment in broadband services and facilities.

What…promoting competition between 6 companies instead of 50 or instead of hundreds?  I’ve always wondered, why we don’t have a system built with everyone able to have their own tv/radio show, like how we can all have our own website if we want.  Why is there such a barrier?  Why can only 6 companies play?  Shouldn’t the FCC be establishing pathways for everyone to get their viewpoint out?

From over here, the primary objective of the FCC is to fine these six companies for saying, dare I say it, FUCK.  I don’t believe in bad words, but that’s a whole other Oponion post.soapbox

So, when I see Jerk, I mean, Bill O’Reilly hop on his soapbox and preach his personal viewpoint, with his script written in the graphics next to him, (I use the term “personal viewpoint” in the most cynical and sarcastic manner), I want to throw up.

When I see the GOP Debate on Fox News with Donald Trump running his faux presidential race, I want to give up.

Even when I see Bill Maher, who is the anti-Bill O’Reilly, my stomach turns.

Even, Burt & Ernie, yes, Sesame Street too.  Uggghhh.

I actually had to stop watching any news 911 graphicsprogram, about a month after            September 11th.  When I saw special graphics and music to grab my attention to see what level of alert we were on that particular day.  I gave up.  I stopped watching and my emotions and own individual viewpoints are no longer available to these 6 companies to manipulate.  I get my news.  I stay informed.  I just make sure I get it from the variety of resources and viewpoints that are out there, that are separate from the big 6.  I’m happier for it.

Hundreds of millions of Americans see black or white and they reiterate exactly that.  Not realizing that they are being manipulated with charged up topics/words like: ABORTION, SPENDING CUTS, RAISING TAXES, WAR, DEFICIT.  Unfortunately, as a community, we are not above seeing these buzz words for what they are.  WE ARE BETTER THAN BEING DISTRACTED BY BUZZ WORDS.

There are a million other words out there in the gray area, but it’s not being shown.  Outta sight, outta mind.  What also isn’t mentioned is the thirst for trump-300pxratings.  What will get people to watch(Donald Trump???), soak in our message, then soak in the message of our sponsors?  It’s highly calculated, down to a science.  That’s what it is about.  It’s not about what is important for our community as a whole.  It’s not about keeping you “informed”.  It’s about picking your brain to increase ratings and making money.

I’d like the FCC to open roadways for everyone to be able to have their own TV Channel and compete with the big boys.  I’d like to see anyone able to have their own radio station with big reach.  I’d like to see the barriers taken down.

1983 might have been the last year we had a true free market in mass communications.  It also may have been the last year we had a nation based on free speech and democracy, whereas now, we are a nation of ratings and capitalism.

Way to go leaders of the free world, you’ve done it.  You’ve taken away the free part and started charging market price and we’re all buying.

Just my oponion.


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