Diplomacy – Let’s Make an Iran Deal

Let’s talk diplomacy – the art of making a deal with other countries.  I’m not history or politics expert, but from afar, it would seem that we need more of this rather.

Iran: We’ve taken actual steps forward, but some want to hold on to their security blanket.  The point of this deal is to prevent a Middle-Eastern nuclear arms race.  Throwing stones is one thing for this region, imagine if they threw nuclear bombs.

So the Nuclear Weapon States(NWS), the US, the UK, China, Russia, France & Germany have all come together to think this is a good idea or at least a step in the right direction.  In the name of diplomacy, I say something is better than nothing in this case.  Although there are treaties in place, this deal takes it to the next step.  And better for that something to be diplomatic, rather than invading yet another country, primarily paid for by the US taxpayers.

What’s the gist of this Iran Deal?  Well, Iran is ok with not having a nuclear weapons programs.  This deal has given an all-access to international inspectors for the next 15 years to make sure of it.  They can produce nuclear energy, like everyone else, just not for the intent of blowing people up.  So, the facilities and supplies needed for a weapons-grade nuclear program will be highly monitored and minimized to specific levels, if not destroyed.  Then, some of the economic sanctions that have been put on Iran will be lifted.  If Iran does not keep its end of the deal, these sanctions will be put right back into effect.

The US will still maintain its trade embargo with Iran.  It’s the other countries, that have more immediate economic ties with Iran, that would like to see these sanctions lifted, specifically in the name of oil and banking.  If the US congress doesn’t not allow this deal to move forward, the other allies benefiting from the lifted sanctions may not be so eager to work with this US on deals, such as; support against ISIS or even Russia, moving forward.

Note: The Bush Administration had set a zero tolerance policy for countries (outside of the ones previously mentioned) to enrich uranium.  During this time, Iran went from 164 centrifuges to 19,000.

I don’t think the Eisenhower Administration could have ever imagined that sharing their nuclear material & technologies in the Atoms for Peace program would have ever brought us to this point.

The US reaps what is sows, even with bad seeds.  The US is the only country in the world to have actually used a nuclear bomb against an enemy during a time of war.  Imagine if a group of countries put sanctions on us.  Here is a video of all the nuclear bombs that have been detonated over time…shit is scary and has forever burned an impression in my mind.

My oponion? It’s all so convoluted!  I guess, at this point, we have to sleep in the messed up bed we made.  The US is nosey-body and although going global was inevitable, there were many times we likely should have kept our nose within our borders, like before WWI.  Maybe I’m way more a conservative than our modern day conservatives who only want things to be like they were in 1950, post WWII.  I’d like to take it back to 1900.

On behalf of everyone, I am sorry Einstein, for turning your knowledge into a horror show.


Just my oponion.


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