Clean Environment FAIL


Apparently, a “clean up” crew did the exact opposite of cleaning up and they weren’t employees of a big dirty company like BP, but the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) itself.

EPA Administrator,           Gina McCarthy

The clean up crew had intended to clean up the Gold King Mine in Jerome, Arizona, but instead of pumping & treating the contaminated water, the team caused upwards of 1 million gallons to spill into the Animas River.  It is believed that the water is carrying heavy metals including; iron, zinc and copper.

The EPA spokesperson says they have no idea of the extent of this disaster.  On top of that, it’s terribly awful how even their own website makes no mention of this disaster, knowing thousands upon thousands of concerned citizens and beyond are looking for information and updates.

Shame on you EPA, shame.  Tax payers paid for your project and now tax payers will pay to clean up your mess.  Let alone, the immediate damage to the environment is immeasurable and almost ironic.


Just my oponion.


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