Republican Debate aka The Trump Show

Debate: a contention by words or arguments

Script: the written text of a stage play, screenplay, or broadcast; specifically :  the one used in production or performance

Trump put on a show for the most deliberate, tedious and unattractive beauty contest in the history of Miss Anti-Abortion Pageants.

gop pageant 3
                                                  I see what you did there Mr. Trump, bravo.

3 thoughts on “Republican Debate aka The Trump Show

    1. My intention was to treat him as the host of the Miss Anti-Abortion America pageant, not as a contestant that is pro-choice. Note: Chris Christy is Miss Cheesesteak. Abortion seems to be the reason to vote for a president or not, which is a sad state of affairs given the many, many other issues to discuss. Just my oponion.

      To answer your question, he is currently pro-life, where he was once pro-choice. See:


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