2015 – Year of the Nipple

This week, August 1-7, marks the 23rd annual World Breast Feeding Week


Babies around the world unite, saying                                                                                     “Damn, can a brotha get something to eat?!”

For too many years, many women felt the need to go into a private space like a public bathroom to feed their baby, what many would call lunch.  Think about this for a minute…imagine that for anybody else.

Nipple shaming is tied to sex.  If you expose your nipple, then that must mean it’s time for people(men) to start thinking of sex.  We have a long ways to go, but how we uncivilized are we? What civilized society would ever make innocent hungry babies eat in dirty public bathrooms?

I get it.  There was a conservative movement that likely started during times like in Braveheart, when rape was common/expected.  I would assume that the rape rate has dropped drastically in modern times and the conservative movement isn’t viewed as necessary as it once was, since we have laws, video cameras and seemed to have entered into an age of compassionate civility.  Babies need to eat too and their mother’s nipples, while may turn men on, does not only read as sex.


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Just my oponion.


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