Subway – Eating Way Too Fresh


Jared, Jared, Jared

We trusted the Catholic church,  we trusted Paterno, we trusted Cosby dammit!  And the random guy we trusted because he lost weight from eating nothing but Subway sandwiches is also now a bona fide creep?!?!

Although we are sexually oppressed in most places around the world, including the now raunchy ass USA, why is everyone being creepy?!  Has creepiness always been this prevalent?

Maybe creeps don’t realize that:

1. If you’re over 20, you should see someone under 20 as a child, a wittle itty bitty baby boo that needs to be protected from monsters.

2. If you give someone drugs with intention to have sex with them without their consent, that’s rape you rapist.

3. If you become aware of a rapist, you MUST report the creep to the police, not protect anyone’s reputation.

4. It is not healthy to only eat Subway sandwiches.  That’s stupid.  For Subway to turn this creep into the face of their brand because of his poor eating habits, well, that’s just ridiculously stupid. What do you think Subway’s new slogan should be?

Come on creeps, you can do better.

Just my oponion.


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